Welcome! We are “Well Girl Leads to Well Woman.” A program created by SLU Medical School Students with the goal of empowering adolescent girls with information about their health, hygiene, social boundaries and managing social media. We believe providing you (young women of St. Louis) with this information (a lot of which we wished we had at your age!) will enable you to become a stronger and healthier generation of women throughout the St. Louis area. You can then share your wisdom with others around you and help us build a healthy and strong St. Louis.  Please, check out the pages on this website for good information and resources! Feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have or if you are hoping to find information about a certain topic not yet covered.

We spend time traveling to St. Louis high schools to deliver presentations containing some of the content you will find on this site. The presentations are comprised of PowerPoint, small group sessions, and media focused on female health, hygiene and wellness. If you are a school representative and interested in such a presentation, please contact us through the contact page! We look forward to hearing from you!